2 bag straps, 2 mornings of this weekend

Currently working on a very popular bag pattern – the Knitting Needle Knitted Bag. Having finished the body of the bag, my imagination was that in one day or even half a day the needed 2 bag straps (which are fairly easy) will be completed. The long and short of it, it is now the 2nd day and I am but 2/3 finished with the 2nd strap.

In the first morning (Saturday), had to cut short finishing the first strap because of an unscheduled meeting. Even before the formal discussion began 2 young law school graduates were trying to convince me that they graduated from the country’s best law school.  Having graduated from another university, and because I am not lawyer (nor would I want to be), I was not easily convinced.  Decided to give both of them the benefit of the doubt anyway.  At the back of my mind calculating that perhaps each sentence exchanged with them on this morning is equivalent to 3-4 rows of the strap.

Today Sunday I am determined to finish the 2nd strap. As it turned out, had to leave the house early since my daughter has an early schedule with her friends. Decided to just sit here in a cafe and compose this blog as I wait.  Thinking now how I should have bought the strap knit project. But realized that the bag intended to be my knitting carry on is not yet complete as it still lacks straps. Thinking now on other errands that need attention this weekend – grocery, new shower curtains, etc. etc.  Being irritated now at old guy in the adjacent table who is speaking so loudly to various people he is calling.

I need to be knitting. I recently read an article that napping is very helpful in restoring one’s productivity for the day. Also, images of nursing rooms being designated all over commercial spaces for mothers who breastfeed are coming to mind. It that possible? To designate free spaces for people to take a break. Some what of a lounge or better yet a park (both of which are not popular in the Philippines) where people who want to be calm and nurture quiet can find refuge. A space to think and knit.  That will be the day.

epilogue: finished second strap just now. inhale, exhale, yehey!


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