easy fit ribbed hatKnitting and blogging seems to go hand in hand as evidenced by the abundance of knitting blogs.  Visited, learned, picked up tips and free patterns from these sites. Those I particularly like allowed me to exhale, smile and gave me eureka moments.  I am enjoying this new community I am newly discovering.

The link between knitting and blogging seemed more natural than the association between me and knitting.  Sharing my rekindled interest to pick up really long needles, differently colored yarns, to sit in a corner quietly for at least an hour a day including pattern surfing, tips browsing, the adventures of yarn and needle hunting solicited from my family, my close friends and some overly curious strangers two big questions WHAT and WHY?

WHAT is an understandable query. Knitting is not popular in the Philippines. Many do not know about knitting as opposed say to the popularity of cross-stitch or even crochet.  There is no Filipino word for knitting (or more accurately I am still looking for one).  So I give people a standard reply “para syang crochet pero gamit dalawang mahabang needle” – it’s like crochet but you use two long needles. And that is enough to answer the WHAT question. With a standard head bobbing, people who asked say “ahh”.

The more difficult one to answer is the WHY question. I think perhaps there is a preconception that I am not the knitting type.  So what exactly is the knitting type that I am not – dainty and delicate, girly, ‘cutesy’, ‘craftsy’, craft creative, martha stewart type, homebound, meek, mild, soft and quiet.  I agree I am not all those.  The preconceptions are all right after all.

My WHY is because of a choice.  I am choosing to knit. I knit to do something with my hands, to inhale and exhale, to regularize conversations with myself, to free my mind of clutter, to contemplate.  Knitting for me is finding time to tune out so I can tune in.  I knit because I choose to live a life with pause.  Why I’m opting to blog about this, however, is altogether a different story.



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